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sandblasting and surface preparation

Sandblasting and Surface Preparation

Though there are many types, “sandblasting” is fundamentally the process in which highly pressurized air blows sand (or other particles) onto a service with the intent of cleaning or otherwise removing existing materials.  Items to be blasted range from fine medical instruments up to and including structures that are so large they must be blasted on site (i.e., water towers, highway bridges, etc.) 

Our facility can handle the smallest to the largest blasting project.  In fact, our newest blasting booths enable us to blast 53’ full-size trailers inside our facility and within controlled environmental conditions.  And our underlying processes and commitment to quality assurance are even more impressive than the size of structures we service.

We maintain an extensive arsenal of blasting media to ensure we use the specified material for your project.  Plus, our seasoned blasting personnel are well-trained and knowledgeable on substrate materials, tolerances, and specifications.  This experience ensures that we don’t damage your structure while removing rust, scale, or prior coatings.

Sandblasting Media

Our primary blasting media include:

Glass Beads

Ball-shaped Glass beads are silica-free and commonly used for blasting, peening, honing, cleaning and light deburring.  As they are often ball-shaped, they produce in a softer and brighter finish than other media.

Sodium Bicarbonate (or Baking Soda)

As suggested by its household uses, Sodium Bicarbonate – or baking soda – is the softest blasting media using in commercial and industrial blasting.  Given its nature, it is ideal for blasting wood and other soft and/or sensitive surfaces.  Likewise, it is environmentally friendly. 

As the baking soda breaks down into smaller particles and will not damage the underlying substrate, it is commonly used for the removing paint, dirt, and other coatings from:

  • Food processing equipment
  • Fine or delicate instruments
  • Tanks and storage vessels (inside & outside)
  • Bearings and seals
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Equipment & machinery parts
  • And others

Aluminum Oxide Media

The most commonly used blasting media, Aluminum Oxide is also the hardest second to only diamonds.  Its abrasiveness allows it to cut through the hardest of metals and other hard materials quickly and efficiently without losing significant sharpness.  In fact, Aluminum Oxide is so hard it can be reused/recycled many times before disposal is required.  Aluminum Oxide is commonly available in standard brown and 99.5% pure white, the latter being more suitable for high performance processes (i.e., microdermabrasion processes for airline, auto, and medical applications) and where metal oxide contamination must be limited.

Black Blasting Media

Black blasting media, made from coal slag, is probably the most economical blasting media available and is largely silica-free.  Likewise, it is safe, offers fast-cutting advantages and is easy to cleanup.  Though it cannot be recycled, it is commonly used on both coated and uncoated metal surfaces.

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