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Service and Fleet Maintenance

We are pleased to work with our customers when emergency body work or repair is needed.  Likewise, a fleet maintenance program allows you to regularly schedule your fleet for ongoing maintenance work to ensure the fleet as a whole remains on the road without interruption.

Trailer Aerodynamics

We’ve remained ahead of our competition with respect to advancements in trailer aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.  Whether you operate one tractor trailer – or a fleet – Countryside can help you optimize your vehicles with leading aerodynamic products.

We install and service the leading trailer aerodynamics products from Freight Wing so that your fleet can operate at maximum fuel efficiency.  These include <include link to .pdf brochures>:

  • Side/belly skirts
  • Gap fairing (front of trailer)
  • Rear fairing (rear of trailer)

Skirts and fairing are virtually indestructible, UV protected, and easy to clean.  Plus, add your marketing message the belly skirt to enhance your brand!

Tank/Tanker Maintenance and Relining

Maintaining and relining the interior of tanks and tankers is a highly specialized process requiring and a solid understanding of industrial coatings and underlying applications.  Countryside’s proven experience along with solid working relationship with coatings manufacturers ensures:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of condition of the current substrate surface, needed repairs (if applicable), and resulting implications to new coatings
  • Determine the highest performing, regulatory-approved coating for the application
  • Provide surface preparation specific to the underlying material and coating
  • Use the proper application techniques, under appropriate environmental conditions, as designated by the manufacturer
  • Quality control and testing to ensure lining meets exact specifications and customer expectations

Countryside’s facilities are equipped to handle needed repairs, including:

  • Repair, replace, or patch shell plates
  • Repair structural damage (interior and exterior)
  • Upgrade and/or replace nozzles and piping
  • Handrail and ladder repairs, replacements, and modifications

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