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Welding, Repair and Fabrication

Throughout history, companies have said that if you can dream it, we can build it.  And though that’s a pretty big statement, it does offer a glimpse in to the capabilities in our welding, repair and fabrication shop.


Bring your, idea, innovation, or standard blueprints to Countryside for quick production of the prototype or the formal manufacturing process.

  • Specialized or custom equipment & machinery
  • Modifications for specific use equipment
  • Straight truck beds and boxes
  • Recreational transport vehicles
  • Cylinders and actuators
  • Tanks and containers

Regardless of the type of product, our experienced fabrication shop will work directly with you (or your engineers) to and fabricate your product to your exact specifications.


When you’ve determined your capital dollars are best suited to refurbish existing operating equipment, Countryside offers the experience you need.  Consider Countryside when rebuilding/refurbishing:

  • Transport or storage tanks and vessels
  • Heavy machinery and dump trucks
  • Tanks and storage vessels (inside & outside)
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Process equipment
  • Fleet tractors, trailers (open & closed) , and box trucks & vans
  • Oil and gas production equipment & transport vehicles
  • Fire and EMS vehicles

We have a proven record of transforming used and depreciated trailers into new-like condition.  In fact, we routinely upgrade landing gear on trailers and truck bodies as well as replace rusted or otherwise unsuitable body & framing components as well as bogies.  Plus, we can remove complete rear or side drop doors and replace with partial walls and doors or complete walls. 

Welding & Body

Do you have a production welding need for which can be jobbed more efficiently elsewhere? 

Contact Countryside to discuss scheduling, specifications, and pricing.  Likewise, we can handle all types of body work on your road fleet and transport equipment.

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